Flame of Love Prayer Group

Flame of Love Prayer Group        

Join us in prayer!

Can't volunteer in another way? Please pray! 

Before St. Dominic started the Order of Preachers, now known as the Dominican Order, he started the contemplative Dominican nuns to pray for all the priests. He knew he would not make converts if he didn't have people praying. We need to have the backbone of prayer in all our ministries! The Flame of Love is a recognized Catholic Lay Movement that provides a Holy Hour prayer format for groups. It was given the imprimatur by Cardinal Peter Erdo in 2009 and an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis. If you cannot go to the group, you can still pray with us in your own home!

Click here for the Holy Hour Prayer sheet. It does not take a whole hour if you pray alone.

For questions, or to join, contact Dot Edge at 270-281-5495.

Visit the Flame of Love website for more details


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